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Jackson is a documentary, reportage and portrait photographer based in Birmingham, United Kingdom.


A Thousand Times Good Night 

May contain spoilers.

I watched this film last night - it was good.

It was about this well off privileged white photographer, I think her name was Woe is Me.

Any way, Woe is Me was one of those earnest self flagellating and privileged martyr types who spent most off her life photographing nameless and voiceless browner - less privileged -  props, I mean people; doing horrible unexplained things to themselves….in the ways that nameless and voiceless browner less privileged people always seem to do in the media.. 

Well, she didn’t half cry a lot - as an almost identical soundtrack from the documentary ‘War Photographer’ droned on in the background.

At one point she moaned on about the injustice that the  browner less privileged people suffered at the hands of multi-national corporations- as she sat in  her big fancy dan house conceivably furnished, coincidentally, by her profiteering from their suffering.

Her kids seemed very frightened of her - this was quite noticeable. There was lots of tears and snot bubbles…in the same way you imagine children would react if James Nachtwey decided to moonlight as a children’s entertainer. 

At one point I admit that I nearly cried…the scene where that Canon 70 - 200mm 2.8 image stabilised lens fell on the floor will always haunt me…

….the horror.

I liked this film.

Two thumbs up.


Reverberation #68
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1. Tashaki Miyaki - Somethin Is Better Than Nothin (alt. version)
2. Peaking Lights - Beautiful Son
3. Paul Messis - The Problem With Me
4. Floating Action - So Vapor
5. The Blank Tapes - Brazilia
6. Eden Ahbez - Full Moon
7. Panbers - Haai
8. Sir Victor Owaifo - Happy Day From Me To You
9. Longmont Potion Castle - Turtle Pleasure
10. Smash - We Come To Smash This Time
11. Pink Floyd - Country Rain

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Alexander Rodchenko
Vladimir Mayakovsky portraits

Mayakovskyshot himself in 1930.  In his suicide note he left the unfinished poem:

And so they say-
"the incident dissolved"
the love boat smashed up
on the dreary routine.
I’m through with life
and [we] should absolve
from mutual hurts, afflictions and spleen.

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Great new work by photographer Chris Collins

All photos (C) Chris Collins - @c0llinsphoto

We may live in a time, our time, right now, where a popular explosion of photography, fuelled by zero film costs, wifi and mobile devices has created an environment where swathes of us with access to imaging tools choose to be walking billboards for corporations, documenting and advertising their own life within capitalism, which in and of itself is quite an interesting mass documentary series, it’s certainly holding a mirror up to how infused and entwined the human race has become with product, unwitting sales and marketing tools for the corporations that with unseen wires continually make us dance to their tune.

Combating this we have a front line, the trenches where photographers, documenters, writers, educators, artists are truly rallying together, forging communities, collectives and setting out to not merely document social issues and the repercussions of policy, of communities and the individual, intimate stories of peoples sharing testimony and first hand accounts of life in the now but to document with a mission to facilitate change. These acts of sharing, these peaceful bullets of truth inform, engage, educate, change perceptions, change the assumptions and stereotypes, erode the damage that’s so continuously perpetrated by editorial sensationalization, when all that’s really hankered for is ratings and advertising revenue.


Ask not what a camera can do for you, but what you can do with a camera, JA Mortram  (via photographsonthebrain)

this will be on my classroom wall next week….

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